Welcome to the new Tacoma-Games.com

We’ve been hard at work developing the new site. Additionally, we are planning on expanding it. Right now this is what we have planned:


Event Registration – Tired of waiting in line and paying at the store? Well, you will be able to preregister for events online. We are going to be choosy at first on which events we do this to, but expect it soon for anything that regularly costs you money.


Buy online and pickup in store – While we aren’t doing shipping, we are going to offer the ability to buy board games, accessories, etc through our online store and give you the ability to come pick it up.

Want to write articles?

Well, you are going to have to reach out to us on this one. We want you to be welcome into our community and have the ability to write articles that you are passionate about that pertain to gaming. Right now, you can reach out to me Kyle.

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