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    In Word Traveler, you are a tourist checking out the sights of a new city, but you only know a few words of the local language... The locals (other players) will do their best to interpret your clues to help get you where you want to go — without getting lost in translation!

    • FUN WAYFINDING ADVENTURE: Embark on a linguistic journey as a tourist in a foreign city with limited language skills!
    • COOPERATIVE PLAY: Work together with other players to interpret clues and navigate the city's landmarks.
    • DESIGNED BY A PARTY GAME EXPERT: Created by Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance, the mind behind BGG's #1 Party Game - Decrypto.
    • MINIMAL DOWNTIME: Enjoy a seamless and engaging gameplay experience with little waiting between turns.
    • UNIVERSAL APPEAL: A theme that resonates with players worldwide, providing both enjoyment in success and humor in failure.

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